JRTutorial samples


What is JRTutorial?

JRTutorial is a tutorial of JasperReports I am writing at mi personal blog.

The tutorial is about reports design using the JasperReports library API, not the XML  templates. Is initially wrote in spanish, but I am translating the chapters to english too.

What about this project?

This project is about host the JRTutorial samples code, every sample is a complete new project.

About the samples?

The first sample, is about a simple report (without data) using a xml template. This report is rendered in a desktop Swing application using a simple text area widget.

The second sample, is the same as the first, but is implemented using the JasperReports API.

Finally, the third sample is about a report with data, this report is rendered using the JRViewer widget in a swing application.

You can download the samples here.